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Teachers play a vital role in shaping our future through the education of our children. Our world, our culture and our language are changing all the time and, as educators, we must continually grow and learn.

The continuing professional learning of all ACT teachers is recognised through the inclusion of professional learning as a requirement of teacher registration and TQI’s accreditation of courses and programs. These processes connect a teacher’s professional learning to the Australian Professional Standard for Teachers or Standard for Principals.

Teachers record all their professional learning in the TQI Teacher Portal and, from that, identify 20 hours to count toward registration. You must ensure you have completed:

  • At least 5 hours of TQI Accredited programs, and
  • At least 5 hours of Teacher Identified activities.

The remaining 10 hours can be made up of either Accredited or Teacher Identified professional learning. It’s up to you.

20 hour PL for registration purposes graphic

The 20 hours of professional learning that you submit for registration purposes must:

  • have significant intellectual or professional content
  • be directly relevant to the content or practice of teaching
  • be relevant to your immediate or long-term professional development needs.
  • When you take part in a TQI Accredited program, make sure you sign the attendance list and provide your TQI number. Your attendance can then be automatically included in your PL Profile on the TQI Teacher Portal.
  • You must manually enter any Teacher Identified professional learning and link the Standards to the activity.
  • Complete an online reflection for the professional learning you identify for registration purposes. These professional reflections can be updated at any time and can only be seen by you, until you choose to print or share them.
  • For each Accredited program you must complete an online evaluation.
  • First aid courses, workplace health and safety, other administrative training and school management and planning days, such as moderation days, cannot be counted towards the required 20 hours PL. You can record your participation in such activities in your PL Profile for your own purposes, but they cannot be submitted for registration purposes.
  • Only non-accredited programs can be counted as a Teacher Identified activity. All Accredited Programs are automatically populated into a teacher's TQI portal when their attendance has been confirmed.

The professional learning you do will be verified at the end of the school year by an approved delegate (generally the school principal).

Information about upcoming TQI Accredited programs can be found on the Events page of the TQI Teacher Portal . Teachers are recommended to take a pro-active approach and find out who co-ordinates professional development within the school(s).

A list of all TQI Accredited programs can be found on the online register .

Programs and courses accredited in other states and territories may be recorded as Teacher Identified activities even if they are not accredited in the ACT.

You can get more information about the professional learning requirements in the Resources section of the TQI Teacher Portal.

You are also welcome to attend one of our regular Drop-in Sessions.

If you apply for registration after 1 July, you complete PL proportionate to the time remaining in the school year. TQI will advise you of your PL requirement by email following approval of your registration application.

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