Working with Vulnerable People Registration

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The ACT Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 (the Act) commenced on 8 November 2012 and aims to reduce the risk of harm or neglect to vulnerable people in the ACT. The system establishes mandatory minimum checking standards across regulated activities. Penalties apply for non-compliance with the Act.

Access Canberra is responsible for the management and assessment of ACT Working with Vulnerable People (WwVP) applications.

Yes - to be eligible to teach in the ACT, you must have a current ACT WwVP General Registration card. You cannot apply for TQI registration until your ACT WwVP application has been approved and your card issued.

If your ACT WwVP card is within one month of expiry you should also include a copy of your WwVP renewal receipt, which will show a three month extension has been approved pending processing of the renewal.

If your WwVP registration is conditional please contact TQI before completing an online teacher registration application.

Apply for a WwVP card through Access Canberra.

Every TQI registered teacher must renew their WwVP registration before its expiry and provide evidence to TQI. Teachers should email a photo or scan of their new WwVP card (or their WwVP renewal application receipt if close to WwVP expiry) as soon as received. TQI will update individual records in the Teacher Portal.

Teachers must report to TQI any change in their Working with Vulnerable People registration status including if it has lapsed; or is made subject to a condition; or is suspended or cancelled or surrendered.

TQI WwVP Summary Process

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