What qualifications do I need to teach in the ACT?

A recognised teaching qualification comprises at least four years of higher education leading to the award of a school teaching degree in education.

Alternatively, it could be a combination of undergraduate and graduate study leading to a recognised school teaching qualification as outlined below:

  • An academic degree (or equivalent diploma) of at least three years duration (full time or equivalent) together with another recognised course of at least one year (full-time or equivalent) initial primary and/or secondary teacher education, e.g. Diploma in Education/Teaching, Graduate Entry Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching, a four year (full-time or equivalent) Bachelor of Primary Education, Bachelor of Education Early Childhood and Primary or Bachelor of Secondary Education qualification.
  • A four year (full-time or equivalent) primary or secondary teaching double degree, e.g. Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Primary or Secondary).
  • A two or three year (full-time or equivalent) post-Year 12 initial course of primary or secondary teacher education, e.g. a Trained Teachers Certificate or Diploma of Teaching, together with further recognised awarded higher education qualifications to a total combination of four or more years (full -time equivalent).

Please note that qualifications in the teaching/education of children from birth to five years of age are not recognised as school teaching qualifications. For teacher registration purposes, teacher education programs must include primary or secondary units and practice.

As part of your studies, you must have completed supervised practice teaching in a school. Your academic transcripts should indicate the number of days. If they do not include this information, certified copies of other evidence showing the program's practice teaching requirements must be included. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applications under mutual recognition provisions do not need to include this evidence.

Is my university recognised by TQI?

TQI recognises qualifications awarded by:

  • an Australian accredited higher education provider
  • an initial teacher education program accredited by any Australian teacher regulatory authority, or
  • equivalent* overseas higher education and initial teacher education programs conducted by institutions listed in the Australian Education International, Country Education Profiles (CEP) or a list or directory recommended in the CEP for that country.

*Qualifications awarded by institutions outside Australia will be accepted if they are assessed as equivalent under the ACT Teacher Quality Institute Qualifications Policy.

What proof do I need to provide?

You must provide certified copies of official final academic transcripts from the university for each higher education and teaching qualification. The transcript must include:

  1. the course requirements and the date of completion, and
  2. the completion of four years of full time (or the equivalent part time) higher education study, including at least one year of an accredited teacher education program.

All documents you provide to TQI must be in English. If the original is not in English, a certified copy of the original and a version translated by NAATI or a government certified or accredited translator must be included.

Digital academic transcripts

If you have completed qualifications at an Australian or New Zealand university that provides transcripts online through My eQuals you can share these with TQI instead of providing certified copies.

I don’t have my academic transcripts yet

Recent graduates and those about to graduate may still be awaiting their final academic transcripts. Please do not commence the application process until you can provide them or make them available online as incomplete applications will not be processed.