100 Points of Identification

As part of the application process, TQI needs to establish your identity. We do this using the Australian 100 point system. You will need to provide certified copies of current documents with a combined total of at least 100 points. Choose from the list below, making sure you include at least one document from Group A. One or more documents from one of the other groups must be used for the remaining points.

Also, if you have been known by any other name you will need to include documents that show the change e.g. Marriage Certificate, Deed Poll, Name Change Certificate or similar.

GroupTQI requirementDocuments accepted
Group A - 70 points eachYou must Include at least one document from this group.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Birth Card issued by the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • International Travel Document: either a current passport, an expired passport (which has not been cancelled) or another document of identity having the same characteristics as a passport.
Group B - 40 points eachIf you include a document from this group it must include your full name plus photograph or signature.
  • Driver’s licence or other permit issued under Commonwealth or State or Territory law.
  • Identification card issued to a public employee in Australia.
  • Identification card issued in Australia by the Commonwealth, a State or Territory as evidence of your entitlement to a financial benefit.
  • Student card issued by an Australian tertiary education institution.
Group C - 35 points eachMore than one document from this group may be counted towards the 100 point total. These documents must include your name and residential address.
  • A letter, reference or employment contract from a  current employer or a previous employer (for a position you held within the last two years).
  • An official notice from a rating authority, e.g. land rates.
  • Correspondence from the Credit Reference Association of Australia (subject to privacy legislation).
  • A land title issued by Titles Office Records.
Group D - 25 points eachMore than one document from this group may be counted towards the 100 point total. However, documents from one source may only be counted once, e.g. If your credit card and ATM card are from the same bank, only one may be counted.
  • Telephone account showing your name, address and phone number.
  • Marriage Certificate (for maiden name only).
  • Credit card.
  • Council rates notice.
  • Foreign driver's license.
  • Medicare card.
  • ATM card.
  • The final academic transcripts of a higher education institution which you attended within the last ten years (must include your full name and date of birth).