Teach in the ACT

Kindergarten teacher and students, Macquarie Public School

All teachers in all Australian schools must be registered with the relevant state or territory authority. In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) this authority is the ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI).

You do not need to be a registered teacher to apply for a teaching position in the ACT. However, you cannot commence in a teaching role until your registration is approved by TQI.

Students doing practicum in ACT schools do not need to register with TQI.

Yes. TQI makes provision for teachers at different stages of their career and education.

Full registration is for teachers with experience working in a registered school in Australia or New Zealand who have been assessed as meeting the Proficient level of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Provisional registration is for newly qualified teachers or teachers who do not have recent experience teaching in a school in Australia and New Zealand. Many teachers moving to Australia from another country apply for Provisional registration.

Which type of registration is right for me?

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