TQI Code of Professional Practice and Conduct

The purpose of this Code is to state the principles that guide teacher practice and conduct. It enables the profession to affirm its public accountability. It promotes community confidence in the teaching profession.

In our professional practice we as teachers will always demonstrate

  • Integrity - personal and professional integrity
  • Respect - respect for others
  • Responsibility - acceptance of responsibility for our contribution to the profession and through it to the community.

We demonstrate integrity by

  • displaying professional behaviour and practice appropriate to the role of a teacher
  • creating and maintaining professional relationships with students, parents and carers, colleagues and the community
  • maintaining standards of professional and personal conduct consistent with community expectations and complying with this Code and other professional codes.

We demonstrate respect by

  • dealing with students honourably, fairly and impartially
  • communicating appropriately with students, parents and carers, colleagues and other people
  • showing consideration to other people for cultural, ethnic, religious and personal differences.

We demonstrate responsibility by

  • maintaining our professional knowledge, practice and engagement
  • demonstrating commitment to the education and wellbeing of students
  • behaving at all times lawfully, courteously and in ways that enhance the standing of the teaching profession.

Authorised by the ACT Parliamentary Counsel.