For PL Providers

Schools and other providers help teachers and school leaders in the ACT engage in high-quality professional learning and meet their annual requirements for professional registration by:

  • developing and delivering quality accredited professional learning programs
  • confirming participant attendance so teachers can include those hours when renewing their registration.

The 20 hour package that a teacher nominates for registration renewal each year must include:

  • a minimum of 5 hours of TQI Accredited professional learning programs, and
  • a minimum of 5 hours of Teacher Identified professional learning.

The remaining 10 hours can be a combination from either category which gives teachers the flexibility to respond to the changing learning needs of their students, meet their own professional goals and support school and system priorities.

For the purposes of professional registration, a TQI Accredited professional learning program must be:

  • accredited by TQI as meeting required Standards and criteria
  • designed and delivered by a Recognised Provider
  • a minimum of two hours in duration.

Quality professional learning programs:

  • are of significant intellectual or professional content and must deal primarily with matters related to the practice and content of teaching
  • address a teacher’s identified professional development and career stage requirements
  • address individual, team, school, system or employer priorities
  • assist teachers to respond to student learning needs.

The professional learning required for registration renewal does not include administrative and procedural training (e.g. first aid, IT, mandatory reporting, workplace health and safety training).

To become a TQI Recognised Provider, all applicants are required to provide organisational and administrative information so TQI can determine your educational and management capacity. For providers, other than ACT schools, this includes information in relation to qualifications and expertise, teacher professional learning functions and programs, insurance cover and policies for statutory obligations relevant to professional learning.

To access the TQI Recognised Provider form download the Continuing Professional Learning Program TQI Accreditation Handbook. Once the PDF has been downloaded the Apply Now button will appear on the original Recognised Professional Learning Provider Application Form page.

When your application is approved, you will receive an email from TQI which will include a six-digit TQI number and a password.

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