Pre-service Teacher Registration

In order to undertake a professional experience placement in a school in the ACT, pre-service teachers need to be registered on the ACT Teacher Quality Institute Pre-service Teacher Register.

There is no fee for registration on the pre-service teacher register and the application is completed online

You must be registered before you can undertake professional experience placements in schools in the ACT. This is a legal requirement under the ACT Teacher Quality Institute Act (2010).

You must register on-line. You must upload evidence of:

Your evidence of current enrolment must be on an official document issued by the university and include:

  • Name of university
  • Your name
  • Name of the course (must be an approved teacher education program)
  • Statement that you are enrolled
  • Date showing enrolment is current.

Documents that are not satisfactory are:

  • A Letter of offer is not evidence of your enrolment.


If you wish to do your professional experience in a school in the ACT, you must register on the Pre-service Teacher Register, even if you are enrolled in an accredited pre-service teacher education course at a university outside the ACT.

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