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ACT teachers are invited to take part in TQI cross-sectoral (Public, Catholic and Independent) networks.

Beginning Teacher Network

TQI hosts a cross-sectoral ACT Beginning Teacher Network meeting at least once a term. It gives beginning teachers the opportunity to meet with other new teachers from all sectors. This network also provides the opportunity for teachers to share experiences and professional practice in a supportive environment.

Teacher Mentoring Network

Mentoring is a reciprocal professional relationship that enables teachers to reflect on their practice and improve their teaching. Being a part of the Teacher Mentoring Network gives you the opportunity to meet teachers and leaders from across ACT schools. The network provides a platform to discuss ideas, share approaches, develop collaborative expertise and offer leadership in the cross-sectoral arena.

Casual Teacher Network

This network gives casual teachers from ACT Catholic, Independent and Public schools the opportunity to share their experiences and discuss professional practice in a supportive environment.

How do I take part?

Visit the Events page of the TQI Teacher Portal or contact TQI to find out more.