I live overseas but have recent teaching experience in Australia or New Zealand

If you have completed your teaching qualification and have taught at least 180 days in an Australian or New Zealand school in the last five years, you may be eligible for Full registration.

In many cases, it is the principal at your current or most recent school who will provide a report based on their observation and supervision of your professional practice. A recommendation will then be made to TQI. We need to talk to you about your particular circumstances first. Together, we will determine which level of registration is the best fit. Please contact us at TQI before you start the registration process.

In the meantime, you should start gathering the documents that will support your application for registration. You will need certified copies of:

All documents you provide to TQI must be in English. If the original is not in English, a certified copy of the original and a version translated by NAATI external link or a government certified or accredited translator must be included.

Remember, the first step in this process is to call TQI to talk about your particular situation.