Professional Learning

The continuing professional learning of ACT teachers is now being recognised through the TQI accreditation of professional learning programs and the inclusion of professional learning as a requirement for teachers to maintain professional registration. These processes connect the professional learning done by teachers to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers or Standard for Principals. You can find out more by watching this short video.

View the TQI Register of Accredited Professional Learning Programs.

Becoming a Professional Learning Provider

The ACT Teacher Quality Institute Act 2010 specifies that TQI is responsible for the accreditation of teacher education programs, which are delivered by Recognised Providers. Provider recognition is dependent on TQI assessment to determine the educational and management capacity of the provider. Potential providers, other than ACT schools or teacher employers, will need to provide additional information during the application process in relation to insurance cover, policies for statutory obligations relevant to professional learning and an overview of their teacher professional learning functions and programs. Only Recognised Providers can apply to have a program accredited by TQI. There is no guarantee that all programs submitted by a Recognised Provider will be accredited.

For an overview of TQI Program Accreditation click here.

Apply to become a TQI Recognised Provider of Professional Learning here.

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